Helping You Build Success

At Valeo we believe that just as each project is unique, so should our level of response and our work scope.  We are always happy to work with you, our clients, to tailor a solution that meets your needs.  A quality value added outcome benefits all and leads to measurable and recognizable success and this can only be achieved if all the ingredients are right from the outset.

We exist to bring your ideas and aspirations to life.  We endeavor to ensure that your initial expectations are met or exceeded and that through our efforts we build long lasting relationships.

The Way We Work

One of the aims at Valeo Construction is to work in a manner that is both modern and efficient.  We are always looking for the best application, the best product, the best consultant, the best method, the best design outcome for any situation.  After decades in construction our staff appreciates the intricacies that each project presents and in an open and consultative approach seek the best solution to each and every decision tabled.

All developments start with an initial dream, a concept, a vision and then a plan.  It is these plans that Valeo take off your hands.  We will work with you to bring these plans out of the ground and to turn those initial dreams and concepts into a reality.  We want to share with you and the community quality outcomes that lead to positive changes in neighbourhoods. Developments that will work well into the future and meet the needs of planners, end users and the broader community.

  • Tendered lump sum contracts
  • Construction management services
  • Design and development services
  • Full design and construction works

Our Safety

At Valeo Construction, we emphasise occupational health and safety as being an essential element which drives the functioning of our daily operations.  We believe it is imperative that a strong OH&S platform be the guiding force of our practices and construction methodology at every level.

We ensure our daily operations comply with the legislative and regulatory requirements to ensure the safety of all site staff, sub-contractors and general public.  The safety framework institutionalised by the Australian Standards (AS4801) provide an important foundation for which we base our daily operations both in the workplace and across all Valeo sites.

We provide critical safety resources to all Valeo Construction staff, including necessary training and equipment; conduct consistent OH&S inspections and conduct risk assessments to ensure successful implementation of a strong OH&S system across all projects we undertake.

At Valeo, we operate with a viewpoint that a strong OH&S platform is not only a professional obligation, but also an important ethical responsibility.  

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